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China Has Experienced Economic Growth Over the Last 20 Years

It should really come as no surprise why China has become such an economic power in the last 20 years, while the United States has continued to slip in the World’s economic food chain. We did it for them.

For the last 20+ years the same people who brought us failed banks, foreclosures and government insolvency, has been telling us “free trade” was the only thing we could embrace in a global economy, and there was no way to avoid a Global economy.

Economics is, to say the best, an inexact science. That’s why any two well known and respected economists can be provided the identical information to review and will arrive at conclusions which are the exact opposites on the spectrum. I’m not economist, but what little education I received on the subject always seemed void of the human factor. The hypothesis always assumed people would make the correct decisions, not self – serving decisions.

Economic science did not take into account the X factor of greed amongst the very people responsible for being…not greedy. The politicians and corporate leaders of America, the pillars of society, sold the United States to China in return for massive profits, which they gorged themselves on at the expense of the American people.

Pretty inflammatory accusations if I say so myself, but not without facts to substantiate the claims.
For example, America began, with the U.S. Government’s prodding, to sell scrap metal to China and Japan by the billions of tons for pennies on the dollar of its actual worth. This single action resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of good paying American jobs. How?

The Chinese recycled the scrap they bought for pennies and resold it to America for dollars, tens of millions actually, which destroyed the American recycling business and the American steel making industry. Thousands and thousands of jobs lost.

Then the Chinese and Japanese used the cheap scrap metal to produce autos and trucks, which were much cheaper than American made vehicles because they were made from steel the few remaining American steel manufacturers left, produced. Tens of thousands of additional jobs lost in the auto industry.

Another example of global fair trade implemented by our government, involved tariffs. The American public got whiff of the treachery committed against the steel and auto industry, which began stirring the rumblings of discontent, but when it was revealed the Oriental basin imposed tariffs on American made vehicles of $500 to $1000 a vehicle, a tariff is a tax the country puts on imports for allowing it into the country to be sold, while America imposed “No” tariffs, the pressure cooker just about blew.

Sensing a tensing of issues, the American government set a very high tariff on all finished imported vehicles brought into the United States from the Oriental basin for sale. They leveled the playing field for the American worker and were quite vocal in letting the media know and spread the word.

Here’s the one issue they failed to mention. The tariffs imposed on the Chinese and Japanese vehicles were on Finished Vehicles. The foreign auto industries simply did not install the seats in the vehicles until it cleared American customs, therefore there wasn’t a tariff imposed.

If you ask why China has become an economic power house in the last 20 years, don’t look to China to explain it. Look in your own back yard to American business and Government for the answers, they did it.

Athens Greece Horses and Social Status

Since earliest times all over the Mediterranean, the horse has been a symbol of prestige, wealth, and status. Social rank has often been defined in terms of one’s ability to own and maintain a horse: the hippeis in Greece, the equites in Rome, or the chevaliers of Medieval Europe. The word in English, “knights,” carries the same meaning.

In the Agora the earliest evidence for the association of horsemanship and high social status is found in the burials of the Iron Age cemetery which underlies the later civic center. The first is a tomb of the 9th century B.C., with rich grave goods in the form of pottery and an iron sword-in a period when such metal was still rare. The burial was a cremation, and found among the ashes of the pyre and the urn for the bones were two iron snaffle bits from the bridle of a horse.

In the 8th century B.C. many of the graves contained elaborately painted cosmetic boxes (pyxides) bearing lids with handles in the form of one to four horses. In Athenian society of the early 6th century B.C., the second-highest property classification was a group known as the knights (hippeis). Thus it now seems clear from the grave goods in these early burials that our recognition of the horse as a token of high social and political status should be pushed back several centuries, to the 9th or 8th century B.C.

Throughout the 6th century B.C. Athens was ruled by several large aristocratic families who took pride in their nobility. One expression of that pride was the association of one’s name with horses, and several prominent Athenians had names starting or ending with the word hippos. Perhaps the earliest example is Hippothoon, one of the ten eponymous heroes of Athens and the son of Poseidon. The two sons of the tyrant Peisistratos were named Hippias and Hipparchos, and the father of Perikles himself bore the name Xanthippos.

These old aristocratic families do not disappear with the advent of democracy at the end of the 6th century, and the association with horses in Athenian nomenclature continues well into the Classical period. There are literally hundreds of late examples of equine names. In his play The Clouds (423 B. C.), Aristophanes clearly and specifically addresses the deliberate use of some form of the word for horse in a personal name as an indicator of aristocratic pretensions and breeding. He paints thereby a telling picture of the tensions between aristocrat and commoner in democratic Athens. Strepsiades opens the play with a discussion of his marriage and the birth of his son, Pheidippides:

Curses on the go-between who made me marry your mother! I lived so happily in the country, a commonplace, everyday life, but a good and easy one-had not a trouble, not a care, was rich in bees, in sheep, and in olives. Then indeed I had to marry the niece of Megakles, the son of Megakles; I belonged to the country, she was from the town; she was a haughty, extravagant woman, a true Coesyra. On the nuptial day, when I lay beside her, I was reeking with the dregs of the wine-cup, of cheese, and of wool; she was redolent with essences, saffron, voluptuous kisses, the love of spending, of good cheer and wanton delights.

Later, when we had this boy, what was to be his name? It was the cause of much quarreling with my loving wife. She insisted on having some reference to a horse in his name, that he should be called Xanthippos, Charippos, or Kallippides. I wanted to name him Philonides after his grandfather. We disputed long and finally agreed on Pheidippides…. She used to fondle and coax him, saying, “Oh, what a joy it will be to me when you have grown up, to see you in your chariot driving your steeds toward the town.” And I would say to him, “When like your father, you will go, dressed in a skin, to fetch back your goats from Phelleus.” Alas! He never listened to me and his madness for horses has shattered my fortune.

This same class distinction, actually defined by horses, is found in a speech of Lysias. The defendant, claiming a cripple’s pension, must show that his use of a borrowed horse is necessary and not an expression of wealth or a claim to prestige: But the strongest proof, gentlemen, of the fact that I mount horses because of my misfortune and not from insolence, as this man alleges, is this: if I were a man of means, I should ride on a saddled mule, and would not mount other men’s horses. But in fact, as I am unable to acquire anything of the sort, I am compelled, now and again, to use other men’s horses.

Basic Guide to Buy Real Estate USA

As the world overall and especially the USA real estate was facing great lose due to economic recession. Although this recession is fading away slowly but it is good for real estate USA because now foreigners are taking interest and making their investment in the real estate market of the United States of America to grab opportunities for their real estate business and profits for their investment. As recovery from economic recession is slow, therefore, foreigners know that on sale real estate, USA is cheap and dollar is not so strong. Therefore, they prefer to buy their properties in the USA, so that after full recovery from economic recession they can get great benefits and profit for their investment. However many foreigner invest in the real estate USA without knowing its laws related to taxes and real estate due to which sometimes they have to face great difficulties. There are many factors, which are creating problems for foreigners during buying and selling of property.

Here are some of them, which any foreigner investor must keep in mind before he/she start his/her business in real estate USA. In the USA it is necessary to documents everything, which you purchase or sell. Even if you are transferring a single dollar, make sure that you have verified that from where this dollar came. When anyone transfers more than 10,000 US dollars, it reported immediately to federal authorities of the United States of America and when these authorities will come to you asking different questions, they will create problems for you. Therefore make sure that you have all legal documents through which you can prove that you have done this transaction legally and according to laws of the USA. In the United States of America, according to Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 and 2001 Patriot Act it is duty of all companies, banks, and brokers that they must report transfer of money, which is over 10,000 US dollars.

Therefore, make sure that you have backup documents like you source of income, you bank account statement, your taxes, which you have paid overseas, account statement of investment and in short, words you can say you have to keep a paper trail. Second important point for foreigners to invest in real estate USA is all cash or finance option. If you are buying any property there through all cash, it will be beneficial for you because you will get many benefits and discounts from sellers in different areas of the USA. Seller prefer to sell their property to those buyers who are dealing in all cash and if you have all cash option you can finalize your deal of real estate very quickly and easily. However, there are also some sellers of real estate USA who sell their properties on finance. If you want to buy on finance then make sure thatHealth Fitness Articles, you first meet anyone who knows very well about the real estate market of the Unites State of America and on finance base selling and purchasing. If you find it beneficial for your investment then you prefer buying through finance instead of all cash option.

Business Management Degree

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